How to Write a Cold Sales Email - An Extensive Guide

Tell us guys, "What is the first target of a cold email?"

To get it to read, obviously!

Most B2B marketers opt for cold emails as their most utilized medium for outreach! However, have you ever wondered why our cold emails don't get read? Because we fail to hook clients with our writing.

Copying templates and cold emails can work sometimes, but nothing beats the one constructed with a dint of originality.

 Did you know cold email campaigns have a response rate of 30%? Once you start mastering the art of cold emails, you can match or even beat this number.

And the Good News? There's a proven formula for writing cold emails!

Breaking Down a Good Cold Email:

The first thing that strikes a cold email recipient is- "Why on earth is this person contacting me?" If you want the client to read the rest of the mail, you need to clarify your identity first.

Then comes the rest of your B2B business essence. The subject line should be aligned with the purpose of your cold email. Watch out from being marked as spam, as the subject line is the first step.

Next on the guide to writing cold emails, we've your ability and insight to understand a client's role within the industry. To capture clients' interest, add his role on the first line with sweet compliments. (We are sure the client enjoys them)

In the next step, establish a deeper relationship with the client by acknowledging his challenges and pain points. You can also showcase your experience and a few possible solutions to his challenges. When you guys get to the same page of the book, have fun flocking together. But refrain from selling your service at this point. You have to sell yourself first.

Cold emails succeed when it's respectful, brief, mind-blowing, and won't blast clients' inboxes (random follow-ups)! Will these be enough to write good cold emails now?

P.S- Write to the Recipient!

How Well-written Cold Email Strikes a Reader?

Want to know the best part of a cold email? Honestly, there are a lot of things.

The game starts with the sender's name. Now you cannot send cold emails to your clients under the name ''

The subject line and the first lines are what captivates the reader. The first line shows the email practitioner knows who exactly the recipient is! To put it in another way, the reader gets his answer of 'Why Me?' in this stage. And compliments within the email make the butterflies go wild in the client's stomach.

When clients realize the writer is 'uniquely positioned with their company growth,' they immediately read through the entire cold email. It's the first step of direct pitching for sign-ups.

When writers want to schedule calls for further sales, words like 'it won't take much time' or 'it's not a rigid sales pitch' can influence a sturdy partnership for the future.

That's how you polish your cold email!

The Critical Mistakes of a Cold Email:

When it comes to writing cold emails, authors are prone to errors! Dive in to know about the mistakes of a cold email that you should avoid like the zombie apocalypse!

  1. Spammy Subject Line:

Avoid using words like FREE, GRAB, OFF! Yes, we know the world circulates around Free services, but auto-detection sees them as a chance to push emails in the Spam Box!


These words give off the actual vibes of a sales email. Think of it: Would you open an email featuring an urge to buy?

  1. No Long Emails:

It's a cold email, not a book! You cannot send an email looking like

It looks pretty dull and monotonous at first sight. The main gist of a cold email is to write practical cold emails that carry value.

  1. Stop being a Stalker:

You don't want to write your cold emails filled with too much information about the client. You are a B2B seller, not a stalker! The recipient gets uncomfortable when a cold email carries too much information about him. Personalize the cold email with only essential information to build the business.

  1. Multiple Call-to-Action:

Does your cold email scream with subscribing to a newsletter, likes on the social media pages, urge to attain your services, and scheduling calls? That's how you resist clients from signing up in your pipeline. Multiple call-to-action indicates that sellers are imposing too many actions on a client. The cold emails should be specific and target-oriented for added readability.

  1. No Link Blasts:

B2B sellers use links on their emails to drive instant action. However, using too many links while writing cold emails creates your destruction. Besides, you also get a step closer to Spamming Activity. Only add relevant links on your cold emails if you don't want a permanent blocking to your address.

  1. Skip the Marketing Talk:

Loud claims and fancy words won't bag deals for you. The motto of your cold email is to establish relationships and persuasion. So, sound as authentic, humanly, and heart-warming as possible!

Confused already about writing your cold emails?

Chill out because Darwinian Ventures is here about some cool templates to make things easier for you! Let's get the balls rolling to write cold emails!

Sample 1:


X, Congrats on your achievement at Event Y.


Hi X,

I recently watched a video about your achievement at the Event Y. Way to go, man!

Your talk about (the topic) was intriguing. During your speech, I learned about (mention the challenge) you are facing. Fortunately, I might have the solution( with some features) to combat your challenges.

If you are interested in learning more about the service, allow me 10 minutes from your schedule. I will show you the way to solve your problems with a practical demonstration.

You can schedule a call by clicking here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.






Sample 2:


[Company] websites could use this handy feature.


Hi X!

These days I spend a lot of time on your [Company] blogs. I follow some of your team members, and I absolutely love your blogs.

While visiting your website, I found some glitches and thought adding a feature would improve your rankings by 20%.

I own an agency specializing in the ranking process and have worked with companies like [Client List example]. I wanted to know if you'd be interested in a call later. We can have a little conversation about the areas of improvement. It's not much and won't take much of your time. At the very least, we can know about each other's respective roles in the companies.

You can click here to book a slot for a call. I am looking forward to our chat.





A B2B marketer should know how to write a cold email with the best possible hacks. Once you start swinging your campaign with an excellent cold email copy, you will be blessed with a high outreach with minimal efforts.

Ready to take a leap on writing your cold emails with Darwinian Ventures?

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