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Don't Plateau

Scale your business

You’ve validated your startup idea and have customers, but ensuring you continue to scale efficiently is a different challenge. How do you retain your A players, keep up with current sales trends, upgrade the tool stack, stay creative, and continue to automate manual processes?

It’s all about the day-to-day lives of your sellers. When you work with us, you’ll have:

The latest and greatest sales tools that literally give back your sellers hours of their week.

An integrated sales stack that promotes engagement, activity, accountability, and data hygiene.

A tooling environment that creates a positive sales culture to foster growth and creativity.

Keep your sales process in check and avoid:


Hiring a CRM consultant who doesn’t actually understand the sales process


Switching over to a new CRM just because a new sales team / leader is starting


Making your reps use a stack that is dysfunctional


Content Syndication / inbounds that fail to convert at a rate to justify the cost

Keep growing because

We can fix any sales problem within your organization.

Darwinian has a bench of experienced operators ready to augment any component of your sales org. Need to train BDRs to optimize their time on the phone? Done. Need to teach AEs how to maintain deal velocity through a funnel? Need your entire CRM overhauled or migrated? Done.

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Our Skillset

Traditional Sales

This is human-led sales. There’s discovery calls, demos, an opportunity pipeline, BDRs, AEs, and all that. Each business deserves it’s own process, built from scratch, which includes all the nuances with your ICPs. We handle things like:

  • Inbound lead management

  • Outbound prospecting

  • Discovery Calls

  • Demo script / slides

  • Deal closing

  • Lead list & targeting

Product led growth

The product is doing the selling, typically with a freemium or trial offering. Chances are that you’re investing heavily into digital marketing and are filling the top of funnel, but need to implement mechanisms and levers to pull to convert users into paying customers.

  • Lead scoring and sourcing

  • Inbound lead operations

  • Lead enrichment

  • Pricing & packing

  • Revenue tracking

  • Customer feedback

Revenue Operations

There’s no one-size fits all with your revenue stack. We’re experts in all the sales and marketing tools and build each business their own bespoke workspace. We’ll then test it, show your team how to work in it, and then can stick around to maintain and build on it as your go-to-market strategy iterates. 

  • CRMs

  • Sales Enablement

  • LinkedIn Automation

  • Lead sourcing / scraping

  • Sales chatbots

  • SaaS Review Sites

Make the right move

We have a process to help you grow your revenue while allowing you execute your strategy the way it should be done.

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Early Stage Startups
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