Are you up for a small exercise? Check the timestamp of the emails that you received the previous day. When we rounded up our records, it was received around 9 AM- 10 AM or 5 PM- 6 PM. Is it a strategy or a mere coincidence?

The B2B sales process is all about using every bit of the day to prospect clients. And what better way is there than cold emails? However, defining the best time for sending out cold emails is a real challenge. Even after using the best email automation tools of the century, cold emails remain bleak for maximum B2B marketers. The reason is simple- it's the emailing timing. 

Then, what should be the best time to send out the B2B cold emails?

As a B2B marketer, you have probably pondered over the issue of defining the best time for cold emails a million times.

Is it 8 AM or 8 PM? Monday or Friday? Day or Night? A custom schedule? Which one should be my pick?

Luckily, researchers didn't take the matter lightly and rigged out the best time to send out your cold emails. Here in Darwinian Ventures, our analysis led to the best guide for identifying the best time for sending out cold emails.

Weekdays vs. Weekends

●     The highest number of cold emails were sent out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

●     Open rates reach the peak on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

●     The Click-Through rate continues to be the highest during Saturdays.

Here's what the data set looks like:

email marketing study

Source: Experian

Many B2B marketers opt for this data set to schedule their cold email campaigns.

However, this research is based on the observations obtained five years ago. Today things in digital marketing took a different turn. Weekends are no longer considered a good option for cold emails. The recent studies of MailChimp shows:


 Source: MailChimp

Tuesday and Thursday still retain the top position for cold emailing among B2B marketers. Fridays are a good choice too. However, the trendline falls during Saturdays and Sundays, rendering them the worst time for cold emails.

It also represents the work schedule of an average B2B marketer. After dealing with the mayhem of the opening day, they sort their inboxes on Tuesdays. It continues more or less for the rest of the week. However, only a few people are found to be active in their mailboxes during weekends.


We declare Weekdays as the winner for sending out cold emails. Maximum people are known to avert their professional lives on weekends. It's the same for your B2B clients too! Therefore, avoid cold emails during Weekends like the plague.

Defining the Best Time Cold Emails:

Now that you've figured out the best day for your cold email campaigns, it's time to think of their sending times. We would like to tell you that timings play a crucial role in the success rate of cold emails!

Let's have a quick glance at what the latest research has to say about cold emailing timing!

  1. 10 AM:

Most people conclude late mornings as the best time for sending out cold emails. Among them, 10 AM remains the best choice among B2B marketers. 11 AM is another noteworthy time.

  1. 8 PM-Midnight:

In the USA, checking emails before bed is a popular thing among most marketers. Try cold emailing during this duration and enjoy stunning opening rates.

  1. 2 PM- 4 PM:

It's that time of the day when people look for distraction amidst the work hassles. Since most working people surf the internet for recreation, 2-4 PM can be an excellent duration for cold emailing.

  1. 6 AM:

In the world of digitization, the first thing that most people do after waking up is picking up their phones! Naturally, 6 AM becomes a good time for cold email campaigns. So, start Good Mornings with cold emailing and a cup of coffee.

 Source: CoSchedule

However, it has to be kept in mind that all the observations are based on the USA. When you are prospecting your clients, research and respect their time zones. Undoubtedly, defining the best time is essential for cold emails. You don't want to end up with disappointing results.

It's not uncommon for clients to respond after the 'regular emailing hours!'

Morning or Lunchtime, during work hours or after working hours; when should I send my cold emails?

Cold emails work best when people are productive. Take a look at this graph:



Source: Omnisend

The peak open rate and click rates are the highest at 8 AM and 1 PM. The best time for sending out cold emails, however, is between 8 AM and 4 PM. It represents the productivity hours of an average person.

In another study by Campaign Monitor, the peak time was marked as 10 AM.

Campaign Monitor

Source: Campaign Monitor

HubSpot pointed out 11 AM as the best time for sending cold emails during their survey in 2015.


Source: HubSpot

All of the information you see above are visualizations of data and graphs. What are your thoughts about cold emailing as a B2B marketer?

A recent study of Databox has conducted a study with 36 marketers. Nineteen people preferred mid-morning to late morning as the best time for sending out cold emails, whereas only five people preferred mid-day. The rest 50% agreed on, responses are something that is driven by a person's mood.


Cold emails get the best responses around 10 AM- 11 AM. Besides, 8 AM-4 PM is also considered one of the best time slots for hitting the Send button. However, there's a catch. Make sure your cold email complies with the buyer persona.

Automation Tools on the Rescue:

No! You don't have to wake up early or leave all your important activities to run cold email campaigns. With email automation tools, now you can schedule and monitor everything.

●     SalesLoft is an excellent software that allows multi-channel cadence. It also allows the emails to go out at specified schedules.

●     Reply initiates A/B testing for your email sequencing and subject lines so that you can pick up the best formats for your cold email campaign.

●     Right Inbox is a chrome extension that allows scheduling, sequencing, and tracking emails.

Chasing success for cold emails is not hard when the timing is right!

Opt for "The Plan":

The research we conducted represents the best time for sending out cold emails for the majority of the people. However, these data might not be sufficient for your cold email campaigns. Take a deep breath, and start walking through the process. Analyze the number of emails you are receiving in a week. Strategize 'The Plan'  for your cold email campaign according to the results. Pick up a time frame based on your findings!


When it comes to finding the best time for cold emails, logic wins. The time slot of email campaigns during Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 AM- 11 AM has achieved the most popularity. In short, launch your cold email campaigns from Tuesday-Fridays between 8 AM-4 PM. Ready to battle cold emails with a new timing strategy now?

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