Is it wrong to say leads are the fuel of any B2B business? But wait, isn't everyone in this industry under the constant lookout for advanced B2B lead generation techniques?

Do you think you are the only one lagging behind in the B2B lead generation industry? We assure you, there are thousands of other B2B marketers under the same crisis. They realize implementing B2B lead generation techniques is crucial but don't understand how to integrate the strategies in their businesses.

In this handbook, Darwinian Ventures rounded up the most diverse approach of lead generation for ultimate success.

Optimize the site for generating leads:

Okay, let us know; when was the last time you surveyed your website? Believe it or not, roaring B2B lead generation techniques won't work unless you optimize your website. Slow loading time, mediocre messaging, poor user experience can end the lead generation game for you.

Don't be frightened yet! Because we have the solutions folded up on our sleeves.

  1. Run A/B Testing on Your Pages:

If you are waiting for ways to convert visitors into high-quality leads, then A/B testing is the way! Here's why:

With their current website homepage, WallMonkeys were already generating thousands of visitors every day. However, they decided to try a leap of faith by adding a new background image and a search bar. And with split testing, their conversion rate was boosted by 550%.

When WorkZone changed its testimonial bar from black to white, it ushered in 34% more sign-ups on their submission forms.

When WorkZone changed its testimonial bar from black to white, it ushered in 34% more sign-ups on their submission forms.

b2b lead generation workzone variation

Can redesigning your website cause a revolution to your lead generation strategy? Can a few modifications lead more people to conversion? A/B split testing is the sole technique to find out!

  1. Broken pages link "Don't send them":
b2b lead generation screaming frog

Broken links, 404 pages, or slow loading speed sabotage your website's ability to generate leads.

These will only get you penalized by the mighty Google, cost upon your organic traffic, and force your visitors to bounce back. Fortunately, there are quick fixes for these threatening issues.

Tools like Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, and SEMrush audit websites for broken links that are costing your leads. Further, they provide the necessary steps to fix the broken links.

  1. Leverage long-tail keywords to get more leads:

b2b lead generation longtail keyword

Usually, a long tail keyword is considered two or three words long. Best of all, long-tail keywords get low search volumes. You don't even need to waste much time running through different SEO optimization websites. However, it's essential to target the right long-tail keywords to make the strategy work. Buyer intent data continues to be the top curator for long-tail keywords.

Increasing B2B Sales with effective email marketing strategy:

b2b lead generation email marketing

Believe it or not, every $1 spent on email marketing generates an average return of $42.

By now, indeed, you have understood that email marketing is the backbone for B2B lead generation. When implemented right, a solid email strategy can multiply your lead generation by folds.

Need tips on how to apply the email marketing approach for both your inbound and outbound leads? Here are some of the B2B lead generation techniques for your email campaigns.

  1. Send out Cold Emails:

We know most B2B marketers dread cold emails, but it's the only way. Often, the industry buzzes with 'cold emails are no longer capable of B2B lead generation.' But we disagree with the notion. Here's why:

Using cold emails:

●     Laura Lopuch increased her business 14x in 4 months.

●     Sean Bestor skyrocketed Sumo to $5 million.

So you see, cold emails can get the job done. It just has to be done right to strike the clients.

  1. Do Something Different:

Well, as the world goes- everybody designs cold emails with alphabets. It only makes sense for emails to contain words. 

b2b lead generation creative outreach

But here's where Jeremy Leveille went differently. He initiated a creative approach for his cold emails. He actually sent out a rapped B2B song to all his prospects.

And guess what? That cold email infused with rap has a 98% response rate. Maybe now is a good time to throw away that email script and try something creative.

  1. Use compelling subject lines:

Do you want to increase the opening rate of your emails? Use enthralling subject lines. Otherwise, the opening rate will straight drop down to zero. And that's the last thing you want for B2B lead generation.

Hacks for email subject lines:

●     Keep them short.

●     Trigger curiosity.

●     Personalize if possible.

  1. Deliver Value by Emails:


b2b lead generation customer value

How do you convince prospects that you are worthy of their time? Of course, by delivering value. You can start conveying value to your leads from the very first step.

While sending out cold emails, enrich the body with fruitful content, like video or links about sales strategy or link generation tools. It works better when the content is relevant to a customer's pain point.

  1. Don't be afraid to use emojis or GIFs:

Yes, most B2B marketers will suggest you keep it formal. But emojis and GIFs continue to be notable emotional triggers. And why?

Because they add humor and fun to a tight-knit email, which leads to a thorough reading of the email, also, Campaign Monitor suggests- 'Businesses using emojis in their emails experience a 56% increase in their opening rates.'

  1. Spice the Email with CTA:

Do you want the readers to subscribe to your email list immediately? Then use CTAs.

Call-to-Action buttons are considered one of the principal aspects of email marketing. It urges the readers to take instant action.

How to blend CTAs into the email?

●     Include CTAs at the bottom.

●     Built-in CTA (can pop in the middle of the content)

●     Sidebar CTA

That's how you will convert the crawling leads to ever-lasting customers.

  1. Build a high-end email list organically:

The effectiveness of your B2B process depends on the quality of your leads.

Contact information and purchase lists help to generate thousands of leads!  But are they meeting your ICP?. If your answer is a big NO, then you cannot expect them to convert.

So it's essential to have an email list filled with high-quality leads.

How to create an email list organically?

●     Add CTAs to all your content.

●     Split test the lead magnets.

●     Create reports, case studies, white papers, etc.

Use Powerful Paid Ads Strategy for Your Pipeline:

Most B2B marketers use SEO for their inbound lead generation. After all, organic traffic is free here!

However, attracting traffic via SEO demands the investment of patience, time, and money. It can be equally tiring and stressful. You are constantly under tension about what to do next.

Our solution? Embrace paid ads as your B2B lead generation technique to quickly walk through the process.

Come on, don't shy away! It's time to bring changes in your advertising strategy:

  1. There are high-quality leads on Facebook:

Yes, we are aware the world perceives Facebook as a source of entertainment. But with the recent updates, Facebook has become a powerful tool for lead generation in the B2B industry. Here's why you should include the paid ads of Facebook in your B2B lead generation technique:

●     Facebook is a crowded platform with 2.7 billion monthly active users.

●     It's the third most visited website in the world.

●     75% of Americans use Facebook as their go-to option.

Now you know where most of your leads are flocking to. And the Good News? The paid ad services of Facebook won't cut your pockets like other platforms. So why not give Facebook a shot for a lead generation tornado?

  1. Go for the high-value leads on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a platform chosen by every business professional on the earth. Naturally, it becomes a great place to promote your B2B services. Yes, the advertisement and pay-per-click costs are higher here! However, you get the ability to hyper-target your audience. There's more to the story. All the B2B buyers herd around LinkedIn for their research.

While choosing LinkedIn as your B2B lead generation technique, make sure to offer:

●     A premium B2B service or a free trial.

●     Increased timeline of your services.

●     High-potential information for your leads.

Boosting "Social Selling" with Social Media:

Can social selling actually increase B2B leads?

Yes, but only if you know how to ring the bell with social media!

Is it tweets every week? Polls for LinkedIn? Status for Facebook? How do you make social media work for social selling? Let's find out!

  1. Use Quora to engage the B2B audience:
b2b lead generation quora

Where else do B2B buyers put forward their burning questions if not Quora?

Usually, B2B marketers face two types of challenges:

●     Getting educational content in front of buyers.

●     Finding the questions or pain points of buyers.

However, with Quora, every B2B professional can battle their challenges and pave the path for their lead generation.

In Quora, you find the exact questions that buyers are on the lookout for. And when you answer their questions blended with insight, experience elite changes in your pipeline.

  1. Use Twitter for account-based lead generation:

The B2B buyers won't share everything they want on LinkedIn. After all, it's a professional platform.

But you need to make that connection for leads. So, give a swing to Twitter.

People tend to be more free-spirited and liberal while using Twitter. It's the same for your B2B leads too!


Yes, generating leads in the highly competitive B2B industry is challenging. However, it's not impossible if you know which B2B techniques to use for your lead generation. The only hack is to find the right people at the right time.

You can also use these reflective questions to better your B2B lead generation techniques:

●     Where are your leads from?

●     Who do they turn to for research?

●     What is their biggest challenge?

●     How are they making a purchasing decision?

●     Are they under a budgetary crisis?

Which B2B lead generation technique do you think can yield the maximum profit for your business?

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