8 Effective Ideas for Lead Generation for startups

Let's face it! The lead generation process is crazy, whether it's online or offline. Email blasts and cold calls can be arduous- because clients are mostly unresponsive or don't have the time for small talks. On the other hand, there's the same old buyer persona reigning over the lead generation process.

A study conducted by Citizen Relations Canada concluded that ' 69% Canadian Millennials bought products because of the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) marketing approach.' After all, customers fall for the scarcity, urgency, social proof, and exclusivity traps added with the FOMO syndrome.

 All of the factors mentioned above make lead generation one of the colossal challenges on earth.

Designing a lead generation process can be a real deal for B2B marketers as buyer persona varies from time to time. But what if you could strike clients with methods that actually hold values?

Lead generation is a chance. With the right ideas for lead generation, maybe you'll be able to pull the strings of the B2B industry someday.

Let's unveil some unique ideas for lead generation to increase the number of qualified leads in your pipeline.

Presenting a quick review about the much lesser-known ideas for lead generation:

  1. Never warn your clients against "Spam."
  2. Use exotic videos to battle buyer issues or complaints.
  3. Use customer reviews for SEO ranking.
  4. Present prospects with what they want.
  5. Create worksheets to simplify the lead generation process.
  6. Try using spreadsheets.
  7. Develop a list of tools and resources for the process.
  8. Launch email courses.
  9. Don't be frugal about free offers and freemiums.
  10. Strike with the Emotion card.

Up for detailed analysis? Read on!


Never Warn Your Clients Against 'SPAM':

Wait a minute…are we crazy? Are you telling us not to warn clients against the scary "Spam?"

Let's reshape your mindset!

lead generation marketing ideas

Source: ContentVerve

As a B2B professional, all you see is 100% protection against spam in the picture. After all, why not? ContentVerve is trying to build a firm and reliable ground for its clients. It just shows that they can be trusted.

Sadly, that's not the case for your potential clients. A test conducted by Michael Aagard showed an 18% reduction in conversion while using the line '100% protection against spam.'

Unfortunately, a prospect's psychology isn't the same as the seller's. When you see a blooming opportunity to establish trust and confidence, all they see is the word "Spam" and the cons coming along with the security tagline. Basically, security taglines are not good ideas for lead generation. Clients are taken aback by the spam code.

What's our solution?

There are other ways to convey trust and confidence among your clients. Simply, promise to protect their privacy instead of the word spam.

Using exotic videos to battle buyer issues or complaints:

Growing up, all of us have heard the statement 'Watch and learn. It works faster than reading.' Why not use the same strategy for your lead generation strategy also?

Helpful and informative videos can battle buyer complaints and issues in a way that's educative and entertaining.

wistia help videos creative lead generation ideas

Source: Wista

Wista is a video hosting company that offers video-related solutions for companies. In the picture, we see the video they published will be fruitful for anyone using an iPhone.

You can use the same technique for the B2B prospects too. Just get rolling on camera with any of the prominent issues of the industry. Once audiences learn something exciting from your video, they are bound to come back again and again for more knowledge. Eventually, they will turn into your leads and sign-up for conversion.

Use customer reviews for SEO ranking:

B2B customers are discreet about their needs online. That's why customer review platforms are valuable sources for your lead generation ideas.

Yes, B2B customers indeed use very generic keyword phrases. But that's just a bonus for you. You can read all their reviews and start launching content with their most-talked pain points.

When they look up solutions, guess what Google shows? There's a thick chance of your content flashing on the first page.

That's how customer reviews increase your SEO ranking.

Present prospects with what they want:

We agree this may be one of the most intense lead generation ideas because a client's mind is known to swing like an unstoppable pendulum.

You can start with dozens of blogs and offers to impress your prospects. But nothing strikes harder than finding the thing they were yearning for. Determining their wants need profound research and analysis.

Here are some tips that might help:

●     Make money-worthy content for your clients.

b2b lead generation offers

Source: WordStream

Don't you want to try this grading report to see whether your lead generation strategy is working or not? It won't hurt to spend some money on it also! Avail the same system for your business too!


●     Include plenty of user-generated content like price and testimonials.

●     Publish content that describes the path of a buyer's journey.

●     Go crazy with A/B testing and other tests.

How do I increase leads?

Understand the pain points of people currently dominating the industry. The solution to their issues with attractive offers is what your lead generation strategy craves.

Create Worksheet to Simplify the Lead Generation Process:

Of course, the B2B industry comes with tasks that are best suited in a worksheet.

What you can do to generate leads is- provide a simple worksheet for your clients to fill out. When you trade the worksheet for an opt-in, you can create a positive relationship with most of your prospects.


creative lead generation ideas worksheet

Source: HubSpot

This is HubSpot's KPI tracking worksheet. The worksheet is enriched with resources for company goals, tracking and identifying KPIs, and suggestions for changes in your work line. In bourse for their contact info, readers can enjoy all the amenities in the spreadsheet. Don't you think it's a great opportunity and idea for lead generation?

Try using Spreadsheets:

No! It isn't the same as the technique discussed above.

It takes prospects forever to find relevant content for resources. The process can be both tiring and monotonous. Searching makes people want to quit, and it's no different for your clients either.

But did you know you can create value and generate more leads when you arrange similar content in a spreadsheet?

heinz marketing directory

Source: Heinz Marketing

This is one of the easy-reference directories from Heinz Marketing. They mapped all the similar and relevant categories into one big spreadsheet. Clients can enjoy them for free in exchange for an opt-in.

Preferences vary from person to person. When you are making all the resources easily accessible for your prospects, undoubtedly, they will be ready for conversion. Besides, with the contact information perk, you know who your leads are.

Develop a list of tools and resources for the process:

Usually, B2B marketers are seen to brag about their services. There's nothing wrong with it. However, you can turn the tables with a simple reverse game. When you are offering solutions to your clients, allow them to explore other helpful alternatives also. This shows you value their opinion over your self-promotion. In this way, you will be attracting more leads into your pipeline with the label Resourceful.

This is HubSpot's blog of The 15 Best Lead Generation Tools. So, you can see they offered some valuable solutions. But they didn't hold back other equitable options for their readers. Their enriched guide with choices is what readers want. Of course, readers would return to their blogs again and again.

Launch Email Courses:

Email courses are a spot-on idea for lead generation in the B2B industry. Here's why:

●     Well-designed courses are the reflection of physical classes.

●     These courses are treasures for B2B marketers and buyers.

●     The email courses are broken down into smaller chunks and are easily digestible for people.

Since every B2B professional has to work with email marketing, launching email courses can be a practical idea for lead generation. Today's people are extremely busy and consumed! Whenever they see a short study line with in-depth topics, they instantly grab the opportunity to learn.


email course creative lead generation ideas

Source: Buffer

In exchange for an easy opt-in option, Buffer gives away one of the leading demands of the B2B industry. When people sign-up for this opportunity, they automatically convert into leads.

Don't be frugal about free trials and freemium:

When you are offering something for free, you remove a monetary conflict from a client's mind. If a trial offer pops up with no financial barrier, customers are bound to try it. And if they like the offer, then it's Good News for you! This is a hack where you are pushing customers for purchase but in a low-pressure manner. 

free trial creative lead generation ideas


Source: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo offers a free trial of their tool. It also contains some insightful interfaces that give visitors more reasons to try the tool out.

Or you can offer freemiums like HubSpot. HubSpot renders a free-forever tool HubSpot CRM. This is done because they want prospects to try out a portion of their numerous services. When you do a similar thing with your user base, you establish trust and confidence. And that's how they will be up for lead conversion.

Strike with the Emotion Card:

Yes, emotions carry a value in the B2B industry also. Most B2B professionals believe logic triumphs in the industry. However, if you want your business to brim with leads, emotion is the card to play.

We know buyers insist upon 'they are logical and believers of facts.' But their behaviors show the opposite scenario.

emotional lead generation marketing

Source: Kapost

This is research done by CEB that beautifully represents the thinking pattern of a B2B buyer.

The master copywriter Bob Bly further adds,

“Incorporate an emotional hook in the headline and lead paragraph. Logical selling can work, but tapping into the prospect’s emotions is much stronger – especially when you correctly assess how the prospect is feeling about your product or the problem it solves right now.”

So yes, buyers will tell you about the logic driving behind their decision. But in reality, it's the emotion that controls them. Logic comes after.

Will it work?

Of course, it will. B2B prospects need emotions too. Maybe you can design your marketing strategy with a blend of emotions and logic. But don't make it too emotional as it's not a poetry club.

Summing Up:

So we've reached the end. These are some of the lead-generating ideas for the B2B industry. The propositions are simple, and maybe you already have some running onto your process. But we assure you, many marketers forget the basic steps of lead generation. Instead, they keep focusing on unearthly strategies.

The simple steps and ideas for lead generation do have the ability to convert visitors into qualified leads.

Which lead generation idea do you think works the best? Is there something else you would like to add?

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