Top 5 Lead Generation Hacks for early-stage startups

So you are into B2B sales and running down for the best lead generation strategies? But deep inside, you already know there are no magic bullets, no push-button, no fairy godmother to generate the invincible B2B leads.

If you are a B2B marketer, finding the perfect lead source probably keeps you up at night. After all, qualified leads are the essence of any general business.

By now, you have probably laid your hands on a handful of guides. They tell you about many lead generation hacks that you can try. However, can you find the context behind them? In this guide, we are also going to share some lead generation hacks. But we will try to focus on their insight. We hope this works out for you.

Before we dive into the details, let's go through a customer's mind.

Influencing Customer's Mind with Psychology:

So before you adopt any approach for your lead generation technique, you should know about your customers.

What does a potential customer want? Once you figure that out, tie it to your landing page. Why is this essential?

When a client sees his fears and demands reflected on a website with solutions, they are automatically influenced for more exploring. A time comes when they start trusting your company with brimming confidence. It's a massive success for you because that's the time when potential clients are converting into regular customers.

In other words, lead generation will always be easier if your landing page is synced with other marketing channels. Clients find them quite easily and surf through your website for more and more information.

According to HubSpot's statistics, 54% more leads are generated by inbound prospecting than traditional paid marketing. This also means clients won't be satisfied unless you have top-notch content shining on your website. Therefore, you really need to prioritize creating the perfect little content. And then start implementing the lead generation hacks for the fastest growing leads into your B2B company.

Ready to explore the five ironclad lead generation hacks with Darwinian Ventures? Carry on then!

The Hacks for Lead Generation:

Hack-1: Review Your Homepage Messaging:

Believe it or not, lead generation starts at home! The homepage receives the most visits. Take Tandberg as an example. They introduced a simple CTA button on their homepage, which blended perfectly with the images, headlines, and other elements. As a result, they experienced 50% more lead generation.

If you are going with the flow and promoting your site, your homepage will attract visitors from search engines, social media, referring sites, etc. Since all the options direct towards your homepage, don't you think reviewing and adjusting your homepage messaging might generate more leads? To us, it's one of the most prominent lead generation hacks that every B2B marketer should absorb in their blood.

But wait! If you have an offer(newsletter, e-book, software) popping on your homepage, ensure that the propositions and the messages are in sync.

If you don't want to muddle with your customer's minds, sync them for God's sake.

Hack-2: You can win with high-quality content:

Did you know content can skyrocket your lead generation? But the content should be of a Did you know content can skyrocket your lead generation? But the content should be of a certain level. Good quality content requires more planning, resources, and hard work than any of the sales emails.

You need to gather data, analyze them, and put them together to produce something meaningful. We don't mean to scare you, but it takes much time to generate that sweep off your feet content. But that shouldn't stop you from showcasing your infographics, white papers, e-books, case studies, etc. You never know what readers like! Whatever be the type of your content, make sure they are delivering the goal of your company.

Outfunnel came up with an email marketing course. It took them tremendous research and several weeks to design the course content.

However, the course serves two goals very well. First, Outfunnel's team can share it with any user who is less experienced in email marketing. And second, the course delivered more than 400 qualified leads within a few months. That's what great content does for your business!

If you still think the process is too daunting, don't give up. Instead, hire local freelancers for help. They are itching to be a part of your venture.

Hack-3: Be a Better Blogger:

Again the same old thing! Many years have passed, yet B2B marketers are still under the same complexity! Their blogs are unable to generate the desired leads.

For you guys, Darwinian Ventures have to say one thing!

Be a better blogger!

Yes, we know the tip seems ridiculous and unhelpful! Then again, you know that it's something that you need.

Come up with a plan, execute it well, and share your experiences. Stop copying others for once! Write original posts, avoiding the robotic or market-ish tone. Only then do people start savoring your blogs.

We know great content doesn't land from the sky. It takes dedication and persistence to make content a lead generation hack!

A content marketing plan with an SEO-optimized blog can be the elixir for a high-end conversion rate.

Hack-4: Use Google as Login:

We don't know why, but most of the B2B marketers skip this hack. It's one of the best lead generation hacks since most of the internet crawlers are Google users.

Why should I use Google as my login? Because you can personalize the journey for your prospects. A marketing strategy becomes effective when you address your clients as individuals. You don't treat them as a group and follow the same techniques for each one. It is why companies like Trello and SugarCRM believe in associating with individuals.


The world has turned into a global village, connecting every single person of the world by a thread (fiber optics). Be it bloggers, content marketers, or your clients; everybody uses the internet. Our full names, residential addresses, contact information, and more are now stored on trusted sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google. This lets marketers around the world create flexible and easy sign-up options.

But that doesn't mean you will be compelling customers to put all their information in the forms. Otherwise, you will be pushing your clients away. So limit the number of information clients need to input. Also, make sure you aren't asking for sensitive information like credit card numbers!

However, there's a spellbinding technique! You can ask people to sign-up by their social media accounts. Why? Because these platforms already have their information. It can save your time and resources.

And when you use Google as your login option, you will experience tremendous changes in your leads. Of course, positively! Don't you guys think too that it's one of the best lead generation hacks!

If you are wondering why Google, here's the answer!

Google has billions of users, and people can browse many sites like YouTube, Analytics, Blogger, Google Docs, etc., with a single account. So we can conclude with- 'Why not Google?'

Hack-5: Separate your lead generation team:

If you want the visitors to take your lead gen to the next level, you've got to test your landing page elements. Images, call-to-action, headlines, subtitles, bullet points, every single thing! Why? Because you don't know which combination can nurture the best results. Therefore, keep the experiments alive for escalating your lead generation.

You've got to keep the trials running.

Of course, there's a catch. It would help if you had the right people for this purpose. It would help if you had people who understand and specialize in the lead generation process.

So what does 'specialize' mean?


Author John O'Sullivan shares the insight of specialization in his classic book 'Is it Wise to Specialize?' Although the book was based on children and the influence of specialization on a child, it continues to be a great treasure for all B2B marketers. After all, 'specialization' can grow your leads by 114%.

O'Sullivan recognized that people are always tempted to do more. There are plenty of situations where life will push us beyond our capabilities, but we must learn to specialize.

When nurturing leads for a successful online business, you need to separate your lead generation team from your sales team.

Lead generation is the marketing method of arousing and capturing interest in service to notch the sales pipeline.

On the flip side, the sales team is concerned with the exchange of services for money. In short, it's the act of selling something.

Lead generation is not about selling. The team management of lead generation builds awareness about a product.  Further, the team motivates, educates, and persuades clients to take action. The lead generation team is responsible for stimulating interest in prospects around the world.

As for a sales team, they work for customer satisfaction and accelerating the revenue of an organization.

Both the teams have to be coordinated if you want to thrive in the business world. But each team must be specialized for a single purpose, and therefore shouldn't be mixed. That's where the value of an organization lies.

Summing Up:

Finally, we reached the end of our guide to lead generation hacks. It might seem like a lot of work at this point, but you need them.

A word of advice or two? Don't get fooled by every lead generation automation tool that you see. Expertise beats automation at any point. Use tools only when necessary.

Building or nurturing lead generation takes time. Social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, producing content, launching campaigns are grueling! They require a lot of time and patience. You need to get on your feet and move out of your comfort zone if you want to experience the true meaning of lead generation.

Hacks are not some magical push buttons to drive results immediately. But they have been proven to acquire and convert new leads.

In the end, we would say try the lead generation hacks. Eventually, you will reach the milestone you are craving for! Which hack do you think works the best?

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