Best 12 Tools for Lead Generation| Key to Expand Your Business in 2022

Let's be honest for a second! Don't most B2B marketers believe more lead generation tools= more money!

We don't know how the equation came into life yet! But we assure you, they hold no value as of 2021.

If you surf the web with the keyword 'tools for lead generation,' you will find millions of results in milliseconds. However, most of the lead generation tools out there aren't bountiful or satisfactory. In fact, most of the lead generation tools will cut right through your pocket without much yield!

Back to the point! We know it can be equally hard and confusing to choose the right tool for your lead generation. On the other hand, you need to lay your hands on tools to propel your traffic and revenue. A single weapon is never enough to reach the desired lead generation outcomes.

Therefore, Darwinian Ventures came up with a list of lead generation tools to aid your decision.

Different Tools for My B2B Lead Generation:

Website Visitor Identification & Website Personalization Tool:

Yes, there are lots of tools for website personalization claiming to give the best results ever! But what your lead generation process needs is a spy tool to uncover quality leads.

1. Leadfeeder:

If we had to pick one specific tool to play detective, we would definitely go with Leadfeeder!

top lead generation tools leadfeeder


Paid plans start from $55/month.

14-day free trial.

Leadfeeder tells you about the companies that landed on your website, even if they never filled a form or took action.

Further, they trace the contact information of the employees at the company with their Leadfeeder Discover feature! Now you can know about every visitor who runs through your website. It takes less than five minutes to install the Leadfeeder Tracker for a lead-generating blast!

Since we have generated visitors or leads for your pipeline, can you motivate them for conversion?

Lead Data Collection Tools:

A lead generation process is incomplete without the data charm. Thus started the era of data-driven lead generation tools. Customer relations and conversion reached new heights with tools that run on data.


We love how this chrome extension runs the lead generation process in mere seconds! home page screenshot


Paid plans start at $89/monthly or $79/month (annually).

The business plan starts from $129/month (annually). is a sales automation platform for advanced B2B marketers. It actively integrates with Pipedrive, Salesforce,, and HubSpot. Add the extension into your Google Chrome, and find all your prospects in one tap! Isn't that great? But wait, there's more to's story! You can launch all your email campaigns straight from your browser in no time! Now you don't need to pay for additional email tools! Best of all, it runs on autopilot mode too.

Everyone in the B2B industry knows lead generation takes time and dedication! With this lead generation tool, you can focus on what really matters for the industry- "Selling to the decision-makers.''

3. D & B Hoovers:

As the name suggests, this software acts like the hooves of a horse! 'Fast and Steady.'



Offers a free trial.

Contact D & B Hoovers for pricing.

D & B Hoovers is a sales acceleration tool. The tool leverages data and analytics to expedite prospecting and building connections. You can also add new insights to your lead generation process using features like automated workflow software, real-time notifications, buyer personalized intent data, and informed conversations.

Lead Generation Tools for Marketing Automation:

Can you make your B2B business roar without marketing? Of course, not! Be it B2B, B2C, or any business- marketing is vital!

Today businesses are implementing automation tools to escalate their marketing operations. Here's a marketing tool to nurture your lead generation.

4. Autopilot:

If you are looking for a tool to generate leads via social media, then Autopilot should be your pick.

Autopilot - marketing automation tool


Silver Plan- $40/user

Gold Plan- $149/user

Platinum Plan- $249/user

30-day Free Trial

The key features that make Autopilot one of the best lead generation tools are:

●     Helps create customer journeys to attract and engage clients.

●     Develops relevant content strategy.

● Accelerates the buying pattern of a customer, i.e., hastens the lead generation process.

Email Address Look-Up Tool:

Who would've thought that the world could come up with a lead generation tool like this? Because of email address look-up tools, now you can communicate with your prospects in a heartbeat!


Next in line, we've got another extension tool to drive your lead generation process. lead generation software


Unlimited access for all Reply users.

Would you like to find your prospects' email addresses in milliseconds? Then should be your pick! The tool allows you to cast around the necessary contacts or source emails directly from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

One of the most talked-about features of is that the extension allows you to add new contacts to multichannel sequences almost instantly. It further accesses and controls your tasks, providing the opportunity for direct calls. Also, immerse in the power of AI to generate more leads and sell better!

6. GetResponse:

If you don't want tools to crowd your computer, go for the all-in-one tool- GetResponse!

Getresponse - lead generation tools


Only $15/month for maximum 1,000 subscribers. (Email Plan)

$25/month for 2,500 subscribers.

$85/month for 10,000 subscribers.

All the plans above include unlimited autoresponders and emails.

GetResponse is a versatile lead generation tool that creates content, increases traffic, and boosts your sales. Moreover, you can enjoy webinar hosting, landing pages, e-commerce features, and automated sales funnel through this tool.

How GetResponse accelerates the lead generation process?

●     Launches email marketing campaigns

●     Simplifies conversions, ROI, and leads tracking with advanced analytics

7. AeroLeads:

We are presenting another spy tool in line to explore a lot more than email addresses.


Plans start from $49/ month for up to 1,000 credits.

30-day free trial.

With AeroLeads, the search for information about your prospects has gone easier than ever.

Why choose AeroLeads for lead generation?

●     It is a chrome extension.

●     It finds accurate contact information.

●     It shows the email addresses of your prospects.

●     It displays the company URL, job title, etc.

●     It exports data to CSV, Pipedrive, Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, etc.

●     It integrates with LinkedIn, AngelList, CrunchBase, etc.

Email Follow-Up Tool:

If your lead generation process includes excessive email outreach or follow-ups, these tools will come in handy!

8. Boomerang for Gmail:

The lead generation process by email campaigns can be hard to control. However, tools like Boomerang exist to save the day!

Boomerang for Gmail home page


Free with 19 message credits/month.

Paid plans start from $4.99/ month.

Boomerang is a Gmail extension to schedule your emails. The lead generation tool also notifies if someone didn't respond within the given time frame. The best part about Boomerang is, it allows you to unsend emails when you don't receive responses. So you stay relaxed and organized during follow-ups.

9. HubSpot Sales:

If you are looking for something to track your opening rates, then HubSpot Sales is the one for you!

HubSpot Sales screenshot



Paid plans start from $50/month.

HubSpot Sales is a Gmail extension that allows users to select the emails to be targeted or traced. When prospects click on your mail, you will receive a notification.

The dashboard features help track all your open and unopened emails for improved actions. In a way, it enables you to detect more leads in less time. All your contacts are managed from a central database here.

Lead Generation Tools for Social Media:

If you are not using social media for your lead generation strategy, you are behind everyone in the race. Once new leads are generated, you can optimize and nurture their journey using the social media lead generation tools.

Let's have a look at some of the social media tools for lead generation.

10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Most B2B marketers are known to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to pump up their leads. After all, it's an admirable tool for capturing leads.


Professional Subscription- $64.99

Team Subscription- $103.33 per user.

Enterprise Subscription- Customized Pricing

Honestly, this is one of the most excellent tools for generating new leads in the B2B industry. The search and filter feature discovers the proper referrals and prospects straight from the box. 

Why choose the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool for lead generation?

  • InMail lets you connect to leads outside your direct network.
  • TeamLink identifies the first-degree connection of your prospects.
  • TeamLink further generates leads who meet your search criteria.

11. HootSuite:

As a B2B professional, you should know that HootSuite is one of the the top social media tools for lead generation. 


Professional Plan- $29 per user

Team Plan- $129 for 3 users

Business Plan- $599 for five users

Enterprise Plan- Custom Priced

30-day free trial


What makes HootSuite one of the winning lead generation tools?

  • Assists in creating digital campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Helps to generate leads from professional social media campaigns
  • Makes qualified leads aware of your services
  • It helps connecting to people who have a first-degree or second-degree connection with your business

Turns out, HootSuite is a great tool to keep up with the latest gossip, trends, brand mentions, etc. It ties all your lead generation needs in a single thread.

12. Quora:

Believe it or not, answering questions is everything on Quora. Well, B2B buyers are sincere about their research. They don't want to land up with just anyone in the industry. And what do you think is the best place for research?

Quora offers 3 different ads for its users:

  • Text ads
  • Image ads
  • Promoted answers

Each time somebody asks you a question on Quora, know that you have generated a lead. Their queries express that they have clicked your links and are reaching out for further actions.

How does Quora help closing deals faster?

  • You can understand the buyer intent of your leads
  • Improves SEO and drives organic traffic
  • Enables to target prospects based on specific niches
  • Allows you to stay up-to-date with the lead generation process


We have reached the end of our discussion with the best lead generation tools.

For a fact, we know most people are already distressed about the lead generation process. And seeing so many tools might have left you all wobbly. But you are not looking for corners to input every tool into your strategy. Instead, you are looking for The One that integrates most with your goals and budget. 

Which lead generation tools do you think will yield the best results for the cold B2B realm?

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